Meat free mince

  • 300g
  • kr 44,90
  • 173kcal/100g
  • High in protein
  • Source of fiber
  • Weat and gluten-free

Peas are the magic ingredient in our plant-based mince. Try it in your favourite lasagna, your go-to hamburger, or of course your Friday tacos.

The possibilities are endless with our yummy pea-based mince. No matter how you use it, the mince is a versatile, delicious, and a healthy way to get more plant-based options into your diet. With its delicious flavour and texture, it's sure to be a hit with everyone in the family. Enjoy!

Made in Norway with love and sustainability. Good for the environment and good for you.


Water, pea protein (20.38%), yellow peas (19.7%), rapeseed oil, coconut oil, beetroot, natural aroma, stabilizer methyl cellulose, nutritional yeast (B12), cocoa, vinegar

Nutritional content per 100g

  • Energy- 720 kJ / 173 kcal
  • Fat (g) - 7.3
    • thereof saturated fat (g) - 2.0
  • Carbohydrate (g) - 8.0
    • thereof sugars (g) - 0.8
  • Protein (g) - 16.7
  • Salt (g) - 0.3
  • Dietary fiber (g) - 3.1

Did you know?

By switching to a vegan diet you can reduce the total greenhouse gas emission of your food consumption by up to


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