Our vision


We startet Eat green after thinking about how closely the climate problems and our food habits are connected. We believe it is possible to eat the food you love and still be healthy and help the planet, good thing we can do both at the same time. And let's be honest, the meat industry is not a party for the animals either.

Our products are for meatarian, vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians and anyone that is in between.

We belive in more plants on more plates.

Mission & vision

Our mission is simple. To make the food you know and love, sustainable.

We hope to reduce the negative impact traditional meat industry have on our planet while making tasty plant-based food. Responsibly sourcing ingredients and using less energy are just a few of the ways we lower our environmental impact, while helping you do the same. We develop and produces all of our products in Norway, with love.


We produce our plant-based meat in a sustainable factory powered by solar panels. Most of our ingredients is harvest in Norway or Europe, and we are constantly working to find the best and sustainable ingredients for our products. We also use whole peas in our plant-based meat to get all the good vitamins and fibre.

Our plant-based meat is made only from natural ingredients

  • High in fibre So we keep the inside moving
  • B12 and iron Fortified to keep you healthy
  • High in protein To make sure you get superpowers
  • Low in cholesterol No bad cholesterol gets in your body with our food
  • No bad stuff We do not use GMOs, soy, chemicals, hormones or antibiotics in our products.


The most important thing for us is to reduce the ecological footprint and at the same time protect the content. We only use 100% recyclable and 80% recycled pet trays and 100% recyclable FSC certified labels. And one more important thing, we have reduced the amount of packaging used on each product to a minimum.

We are always exploring ways to further reduce the material in our packaging. Do you have a good idea? We love to hear from from you.

Every bit counts
Every package counts

It's easy being green!

Did you know we ship to every address in Norway?

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