Chilli no carne

  • 350g
  • kr 49,90
  • 188kcal/100g
  • 100% vegan
  • Lactose free
  • Gluten free

This chili will make your taste buds go maracas! It has the perfect balance between heat and flavor.

The chilies, tomatoes, and garlic give it a zesty kick and the black beans add a smoky richness. The combination of the spices and herbs make this chili no carne a true crowd pleaser. Serve it with sour cream (vegan if you prefer). You can also top it off with chopped cilantro and jalapeno slices for an even more flavourful experience. Made in Norway with love and sustainability.

Good for the environment and good for you.


Tortilla chips (25.0%) [corn flour 79%, sunflower oil], tomato [tomatoes, tomato juice], meat substitute (20.6%) [water, pea protein, yellow peas (19.7%), rapeseed oil, coconut oil, beetroot, stabilizer methyl cellulose, nutritional yeast (B12), cocoa powder], red beans, black beans, onions, vegetable stock [vegetable stock (vegetables (onion, carrot, leek, celery, fennel), thyme, lovage, bay leaf)], chili, garlic, garlic, spices (contains celery)

Nutritional content per 100g

  • Energy- 810kJ/188 kcal
  • Fat (g) - 6.6
    • thereof saturated fat (g) - 0.9
  • Carbohydrate (g) - 24.6
    • thereof sugars (g) - 2.2
  • Protein (g) - 7.4
  • Salt (g) - 0.9
  • Dietary fiber (g) - 2.7

Did you know?

By switching to a meat free diet you can reduce your overall water usage by up to


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